Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher is an interesting appliance. For the most part, they're a reliable machine. However, you're bound to come across a spontaneous hiccup. It could be loud, leaking, or just simply not finishing the job.

Dishwasher concerns cause the greatest frustrations. This is why SC Appliance Repair are the trusted professional to sort your issues!

Is it time for a consultation?

It's best to assess the most common concerns and whether they're worthy of a visit.

Cleaning problems

No need for stress. It may be loading unrinsed plates in the machine before starting the cycle. It's also possible you're over-loading the dishwasher altogether.

I Can't Get my Machine to Work

When you're struggling to start your machine, or you're hearing audible humming prior to cycle completion, you'll need to get in touch with us!

The Water Won't Rise

Check whether there's engagement in the lock. Without this, your machine is unable to fill. If secure, it may be something more sinister, such as a clog. That's when its best to call us!

Why is there so much water?

We suggest calling us for this sort of issue! This is linked one of the following; inlet valve, float switch, or the timer. This is not a DIY job!

Drainage problems

Your first step is to check for clogging within the drain. If there's no resolution, then it may be time to clean or replace the filter. If issues persist, then come us and we'll be happy to help!


A reduction in load volume is your step. If this fails, contact us right away!

A Lack of Latch

Incorrect door closure will not allow the machine to run. Confirm the door is firmly closed. If you're experiencing issues locking in position, despite applying force, then there's a latch issue. In this case, it's service time!

It's Louder than my Teenager

We may be overexerting the truth here, but if somehow your machine drowns out the sound of your teenager, then you'll need to call us right away!

You Need the Best Dishwasher Repair Company in Lancaster!

Repairs involving electrical equipment teaming up with water is always going to cause problems. If you get it wrong, you're open to a rude shock - maybe even wickeder. If your machine is playing up, we'll always advise to clean the drain and change the filter.

Anything exceeding this should be left to a trusted pro. Our team at SC Appliance Repair are always happy to help! We'll be able to fix your beloved dishwasher ASAP - providing you with valuable time! Our jobs are of the highest quality at the most competitive prices!

It doesn't stop there; we'll get you the best deals for part replacements and ensure you have dishwasher running fresh.